I was nervous , My Story of Splashing Mud


Splash the frigging mud!” Jake Norton’s voice filled the air; he was presently in mid-air performing a double combo of tsunami and cliff-hanger. There was no doubt that Jake was the likely candidate to win this year’s AMA Dirt Race Championship, the dude was so fucking angelic on the bike.

I watched him perform another crazy move called the Kiss of Death Flip in which he performed a one-handed stand lowering his head so low to the front fender as if he was going to frigging kiss it – and all the while still being upside down.

The other dirt bikers clapped for him, but I just looked on hopelessly, I most definitely didn’t stand a chance against him, he was like the best among the rest.

What are you doing standing and moping around Dave Brickman, get on with it” Maitland barked at me from behind, and I hurriedly mounted my bike again and ignited the power.

I was nervous, especially where Jake was involved, even though I didn’t consider myself to be that good at riding, I could also do a few tricks of my own, but none of my tricks didn’t seem to be good enough.

That went out of action in the 80’s Brickman, can’t you just get around to being less obsolete” Jake once taunted when we were training at the outskirts of Iowa.

It’s called the ‘dead body,’ and I don’t think you ought to dismiss it simply because you don’t know it” I shot back at him much to the surprise of the other bikers who couldn’t stand up to Jake.

What did you just say, Brickman?” Jake asked looking at me rather astonished.

You heard me, Norton, how about it? Let’s settle this once and for all” I replied looking at him still unnerved – I had had enough of the guy’s pompous and haughty attitude, and I intended actually to put him out of action.

Nice one, that sounds a like a challenge, but if you don’t get to beat me, I’ll make sure you don’t get picked for AMA” Jake threatened.

Not on your life sucker, I’ll love to see you try” I replied unfazed.

Okay, deal let’s meet at the Grand Canyon – 5:00 pm,” Jake said, “And don’t forget to wear your helmet” he added zooming off on his bike before flipping over the double rail, landing and heading out of sight into the encroaching evening.

That’s just show off, riders don’t brag about BMX skills,” a voice said from behind me, and I turned to find Winston grinning at me.

I bet I’ll get grilled like a steak tomorrow” I sighed heavily, but Winston only removed his helmet and came over to my side.

I don’t think so Dave, you’re a great biker, and if you could stand up to him tonight, then that means he can’t really best you no matter how hard he really tries, just believe in yourself” Winston admonished.

I gaped at him unable to quite move my lips, not even our instructor Maitland had ever given me so much confidence before, and I was thrilled by it.

Thanks a lot, Winston, I guess I had better practice it then” I replied moving towards my parked bike and getting on it.

By 5:00 pm, I found Jake waiting for me eagerly at the Grand Canyon, I had been having second thoughts about the whole racing thing, but Winston’s voice kept ringing through my head as I approached him – besides if I backed out now, I would be referred to as a coward.

Thought you’d have back out by now Brickman, well – your choice, don’t say I didn’t warn you” Jake announced getting on his dirt bike.

I won’t be cowed by the likes of you, and besides just wait and see me perform” I replied; just out of the corner of my eye, I could make out some other dirt bikers gathering and joining us, most of them were carrying smartphones which they were actually planning to use in recording us.

I mounted my bike once more and started it; joining up with Jake who flashed me a smile and zoomed off, I took off after him raising sand up into the air as I performed a wheelie, Jake, however, was doing a Flintstone! I gasped looking at him as he swung both of his legs to one side and did an imaginary ‘walk’ while taking his hands of the bars still in the air and then jumped back and did a double flip.

The other bikers cheered him excitedly, and that was when I also performed the Shaolin, still holding the bars of my bike. I crossed my legs in a lotus position and did a double handstand.

More bikers cheered, while others videoed us, then Jake repeated his flintstone twice, did a cliff-hanger combined with the famous executioner, somehow I could still hear Winston’s voice in my mind as I launched my dirt bike into the air again and then I did something I had never even read about or seen being done before.

With me in mid-air, I assumed a handstand position gripping the bars of the bike tightly and proceeded to ride the air like I was dancing, I kept riding the air for a number of seconds still suspended like a balloon, all the bikers were cheering and I was smiling until the ground suddenly shot up at me angrily and I crashed my bike into the floor.

Well, I did sustain some injuries, a broken leg and one or two broken ribs but I earned Jake’s respect and I invented a new move called; RIDING THE SKY, I almost laughed my head off when Winston dropped by the hospital to show me a video of myself on YouTube doing the move on my now wrecked up dirt bike, I was nevertheless more than pleased, and we won the AMA Dirt Bike Championship that year.

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