I swerved around corners as I rode down a dirt path


I look behind me and saw a truck chasing me down a valley. I don’t even know what kind of valley it was and what in the world I or Jamie, were doing there.

The big truck was almost on top of me. I risked looking back, and I saw that there was no one in the driver’s seat. I swerved my dirt bike out of the way but saw that the truck swerved after me too.

I was scared now and sweating. Who was driving the truck? Oh God, am I going to die? I accelerated faster, but it was as if the truck was running on a kind of nitro.


When I looked back again, the truck blocked my entire sight. I had no choice but to dive off my dirt bike. Too late! The truck hit and my bike and I flew through the air. Bizarrely, the truck made a ringing noise and flew towards me, and I screamed as loudly as I had ever screamed since I was born.

Just as it was about to land and crush me, the environment changed, and I was in an enclosed place. It took me five seconds to realize that I was in my room and I had just had a nightmare.

I looked around and saw someone dreadful sitting by the window and smiling devilishly at me.

“Oh my God, this is priceless. I wish I were recording as you screamed. I would just post it on Facebook.”

It was my older sister. She was always teasing and bullying me. She says she does it because she loves me but I don’t believe that.

“What are you doing in my room?” I asked her.

“I needed to borrow your laptop. I was looking for it, and then you screamed. Haha. I will never forget this day.”

“I am not giving you my laptop,” I told her.

“Well, I have to inform everyone we know that you screamed in your sleep. And you know they will believe me.”

“I hate you, Lizzie,”

“I know, right?”

She walked towards me and shook her head. “The dream must have been terrible.”

I remembered the dream, and that made me remember that Jamie and I were going on a dirt bike race today, outside of town. We were racing against two guys from the city who had come to spend their holidays in our little town.

I brightened up. Jamie would be arriving soon. The bike race had been on my mind for weeks. I had been excited about it. Nothing, not Lizzie, not my nightmare could make me feel less excited.

“Listen, the laptop is under the bed; I hid it because of you. Take it and get out of my room. You are not going to kill my good mood today.”

I walked I to the bathroom and had a nice bath.

When I returned to the room, Lizzie was gone. I changed into my motorcycle gear, which included a pair of jeans, jacket, gloves, and a solid helmet. I got dressed, smiled at the mirror and walked into the living room where the rest of my family were having breakfast.

“Good morning, dad, mum, wish me luck,” I told them.

“Best of luck son,” my dad said. He was a man of action, and he had bought me the dirt bike and the gear on my last birthday.

“Be careful,” my mum said.

“I said ‘luck,’ mum, not ‘careful,” I told her.

“Be careful,” she repeated.

Lizzie didn’t wish me anything but kept typing something on my laptop. Thankfully, my sensitive documents and stuff were well secured with strong passwords.

Just as I got my dirt bike out of the garage, Jamie arrived on his. My dirt bike was blue in color while Jamie’s was painted red. We hit each other’s knuckles by way of greeting.


“Let’s go teach those loudmouths some lessons,” Jamie said.

We rode towards the rendezvous which was on a hill on the outskirts of town. The guys were already waiting for us under a tree. They had brought their girlfriends along.

The two guys were from college, and the race we planned was to show that town boys were better at dirt bike racing than the city boys. One of the guys was African American, and his name was Dan while the other was blonde, and his name was Dave.

“Welcome guys,” Dan said. “Are you ready to cry home today?”

“You will be the loser, trust me,” Jamie said.


The two guys laughed as if Jamie was seriously joking. We exchanged pleasantries with their beautiful girlfriends and then move to the back of their car where a map was spread.

“So, here is the starting point,” Dave said, pointing at a point in the map where I took to be close to where we were standing. He traced his finger on the map. “Here are the routes. From here to here, then we pass in front of that farm here…who owns that farm again?”

“That should be Mr. Hawkins,” I said.

“Yeah. We don’t want to move too close to the town because of that cranky sheriff.”

We all laughed.

“Then we pass here and then return here,” Dave concluded. “Any questions?”

“I got one,” Jamie said.


“How hard will you cry when we win?”

We all laughed again.

“We should be asking you that question,” Dan said.

“Come on, guys, let’s go,” said Dave.

Dave and Daniel got dressed, gloves, helmets and all.

We readied our bikes on some marks already made by the ladies. One of the ladies held a toy gun and counted, “On your mark…”

We all kick-started our bikes.


We revved the bikes and waited…ready to move.

She fired the toy gun and off we went.

Our bikes kicked off a lot of dust as we took off.


It was like flying in the wind. I was determined to win at all costs. I could see that Dave, whose bike was painted yellow was in the lead; Jamie followed him, then Dan and lastly, me.

I rode down a dirt path, chasing after Dan, making sure that I never lost sight of both Jaimie and Dave.

We had already concluded that if anyone from with group got to the finish line first, then that group was the winner.

I could not even hear the sound of the bike anymore. I was focused on overtaking Dan. We got to a narrow area which was a narrow path between two rocks. The only way to overtake Dan was to ride along either of the rock walls.

I didn’t hesitate as I used the opportunity of an inclined area to laugh my bike up a little and ride along the rock wall, very close to Sam’s head. It was very fast and dangerous, and if I had spent a microsecond on the wall, I would have fallen and broken a part of my body.

I landed in front of Dan and left him far behind. I swerved around corners and chased and soon overtook Jamie. Gradually, I overtook Dave, and I was in the lead.


Then I left all of them far behind too. The finish line was about three minutes away, and I was sure to win when I saw a young lady appear out of the bush in front of me. I braked suddenly to avoid hitting her.

She looked dirty, and her clothes were torn in many places. She fell in front of my bike.

“Help me!” she wailed.

The other guys soon caught up to us. They all removed their helmets and stared at her face.

“Who is she?” Dave asked.

“I have no idea,” I said.

When she climbs behind me, I rode off in the direction of the finish line with the lady holding on tight to my stomach. I was moving in a zigzag position


When we got to the finish line, there was no one there. I rode back to town. It was really an unforgettable adventure.

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