I rented a dirt bike and brakes failed

I went to a shop to buy all of the necessary equipment for the upcoming weekend. I also rented an offroad motorbike. I also decided to educate myself more about this hobby, so I read a lot online, and I also watched videos on YouTube. Somehow, I felt alive again; I was not only interested in my job. I was glad I found out something that I was passionate about.


So, the day finally arrived. I was ready to start this new adventure, but unfortunately, I had no idea that it would end the way it did.


We finally all started riding the motorbikes. We were all in a group, and I was the last one in the line because I was the last that joined it.


While I was riding the bike through the mountains, I felt as I was part of nature. The adrenaline was all over my body, and I really could not get enough. I was riding faster and faster because I could not wait to see what else has the mountain to offer. A lot of wonderful images appeared in front of me. I was stress-free and so happy. The fresh air was great in a combination with adrenaline and excitement. Unfortunately, the brakes stopped working, so I ended up down the hill. I was rolling down the hill, but somehow I survived. I felt dizzy, but I was okay. There were just some scratches and some bruises, nothing serious.


I was searching for my cell phone, but I could not find it. It was getting late, and I did not know how to look for help. It seemed so meaningless to just sit and wait to be rescued.


The Sun hid behind the hills, and I was alone in the mountains. I decided to set a fire, hoping that the fog will be a sign of where I am, and at the same time I would also get warm. After a while, in the dark, I noticed there is a light on the top of the hill. I could not define whether I imagined it or whether it was real. I decided to go for it. It was my only hope. I was running towards the light. I was running for some time. I was tired and hungry, but somehow I managed to reach the light. In fact, it was a hut. I knocked on the door, and from the pressure, the door opened itself. It was dark inside only a candle was on the table.


I was scared a bit, I must admit. Someone also entered the hut. It was a nice and lovely lady. She was also scared and started screaming. I explained her the situation. She was in the hut because she needed some time off from her job. So, we shared our experiences, and it was the beginning of a wonderful love story. We spent the night in the hut and the next day we got back in the town to continue with our lives, but this time we were together.

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