My Dirt Bike Escape in Forbidden Area

The life of an undercover cop is quite tough. It is the kind of job where you have to do whatever you can to survive. A single mistake could be the thin line between life and death. However, as long as you can succeed in your mission, there is nothing to worry about.

That was what I was thinking about when I stood in the Forbidden Area. The place was called the Forbidden Area because it was where people of all ages and genders disappeared. Anyone who is unfortunate to be in the place has the chance of disappearing entirely.

So far, about ten people have disappeared in the area. Many attributed the disappearance to ghosts who were picking up people and taking them very far away from where they could never be found. For those of us who were cops, we found evidence that a notorious group abducted the people who disappeared.

The group was very elusive, and we had no way of taking them down. We concluded that we had to catch them another way, which was undercover. I was quite an expert and a successful undercover operative, so I was chosen for the assignment.

And that was the reason why I was standing alone in the Forbidden Area. We all hoped that the abductors would think I was just another helpless fellow and they would abduct me also. If they did, we would get them easily. Sewn into my shirt like a button were a tiny microphone and a GPS tracker. Where I was taken to, my colleagues would able to track us down and stop them.

The job was dangerous. The abductors could decide to shoot me on the spot just for fun. They could also take me to a tall bridge and throw me into the river or something. It has taken all my skills and luck to survive up to this moment.

Suddenly, a van speeded towards me. With the way they were moving, it was pretty obvious that they were coming for me. I spoke into the mike on my shirt.

Hey guys,” I said quietly. “I’ve got a van speeding towards me. This could be the abductors.

Copy that, Mike, we are with you,” my boss said.

A few miles away, there was another van that had in it members of my team. Their job was to shadow anyone or people who picked me up and also track the GPS on my shirt. They couldn’t be around in the area because we were not sure if the abductors would not check for a trap or not.

The van stopped beside me, and before I could make a move or do anything, they had a bag on my face, and I felt myself being lifted and thrown in the van and then we were away. I tried to struggle and say a few words for the benefits of my colleagues who were listening to me, but a single punch in the head shut me up. I fervently hoped that the others were still tracking me.

We traveled for a long time, and I tried to figure out the directions that we took. One thing I sensed was that we kept moving on rough terrain, roads that were not paved. Where are they taking me? I wondered. When we got to a place, my shirt was removed, and God knew what they did with it. I hoped they didn’t have a device that could detect transmissions.

After about two hours and three turns, we finally stopped. I was pushed out of the van, and the bag was removed from my head. I saw that we were remote area and surrounded by bushes and tall trees.

I saw several dirt bikes in front of a building that looked like a warehouse. I figured they could come in handy if I had to escape. I was forcefully pushed into the building. Inside, I saw several men with automatic weapons standing in a circle.

In the circle was a girl of 19. I recognized her instantly. She was one of the people who had been abducted, and her parents had been looking for her for a very long time.

We got one more,” one of the men holding me said.

One of the armed men looked towards us and smiled wickedly. “This is great. We will continue in the night. Lock them up.”

The men pushed the girl and me in a small room and locked us inside. I hoped my colleagues followed us here. If not, I was screwed. I faced the girl and began to chat with her.

They are in some kind of cult,” she said. “First, they push one’s head in the water and then take them to the center where they are sold to other people.”

The center?” I asked.

Yes, it is not far from here. That is where the others are.”

How many are there at the center?” I asked.

I counted six people.”

Okay, can you take us to the place?”

Us? What do you mean by us?”

I am a police officer, and I am here to save you.”

How are we going to escape?”

You are going to scream,” I said.

Oh boy, the girl can scream. As she screamed, even I was scared. Two gunmen rushed inside, and I dived towards them. I grabbed one’s gun, turned and lashed a kick at the other’s face. I punched the first guy in the stomach and smashed the butt of the gun on his face, scattering his teeth everywhere.

The girl and I managed to reach outside without anyone bothering us. One of the keys I had retrieved from the gunmen worked with a dirt bike outside. I climbed the bike and started it. The girl climbed behind me.

Whatever you do, don’t let go of my waist, okay?”

Okay,” she said as she held my waist very tightly. Then we sped away.

Unlike the motorcycle, the dirt bike can make jumps, and it can run on uneven surfaces without any problem. We speed into the forest as if some vicious demons were chasing us, which they probably were if you could refer the gunmen who were chasing us on dirt bikes and shooting also.

I managed to look back and saw about then shooters on dirt bikes, shooting and chasing us. To make sure that the girl was not hit, I swerved and moved in a zig-zag route as we dodged bullets and tree branches.

I kept shouting “Duck!” every time we got to long hanging branch. Soon, we burst into an expressway, and we were lucky that no vehicle was coming just then. The shooter closest behind us was not so lucky as a truck smashed him and his bike.

I saw a police roadblock far away, and I speed up again. Then we were past the roadblock and into safety. The other shooters turned back and speed away while police vehicles gave chase.

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