6 Best Dirt Bike Off Road Trails in Texas You Must Ride

The state of Texas with vast lands and numerous parks, trails have been made to suit the needs of the off-road practice.

Red RiverCycle Park

Established in 1972 and sitting on 2,700 acres, it is perhaps the largest dirt bike park in the state of Texas. It is arguably one of the best dirt bike trails Texas has to offer. This is because it has been voted as the best off-road destination in the state making it popular with dirt bikers in and out of the country. This award is attributed to the tough terrains it offers to its customers which serves all levels of experience. There are forests and hills around which add to the harsh terrain. It also serves as a great recreation park for families to spend their weekends.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

The area has a great land with 1,850 acres and 30 miles of dirt bike trails. In addition, it has all-terrain vehicle trails and utility vehicle trails to boost the sport of riding and driving. Nevertheless, all three cannot participate at the same time on the same trail to minimize the chances of accidents which are very likely if this happens. This trail varies in size thus making it optimal for any motor vehicle. Like most dirt trails, it is as rough as can be. The presence of potholes and other hindrances translates to mud puddles when there is rain. There are four specific days for dirt bike riding which are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Cycle Ranch

The ranch extends on 100 acres of land full of oak trees and dirt, making it ideal for dirt bike riding. This idealism is promoted by the presence of suitable soils which aid the trails. Clay and sand are present here and tend to make the trails near impossible for the riders thus offering a lasting experience. In order to encourage young riders and beginners, the ranch has several trails that are used to train young riders and beginners to pro levels before releasing them to the main dirt trails. Due to its high population of oak trees, the ranch plays host to a number of camping expeditions all year round.

Trophy Club Park

This park is home to various sports and activities including dirt bike riding. Unlike the Barnwell Mountain dirt trail, it is open on all days of the week starting morning till evening. This makes the trail preferable for regular competitions. It boasts of 873 acres of space and 6 miles of dirt bike trails running through forests and possesses different terrains which offer a great experience to the sport. These terrains are made even more exciting with the presence of ruts, mud puddles and potholes. The park is situated at the tip of the Grapevine Lake offering great fishing expeditions away from the dirt. It is open all year round.

Buffalo Creek MX Park

Texas holds a number of national dirt bike races in the country. This park is home to some of the best dirt bike trails Texas has to offer. Its preference for competitions is partly attributed to its inclusion of a night track and a sand track. The sand trail has received a rise in preference due to its difficulty in the navigation of the dirt bikes. Moreover, a night track extends the competition late into the night ensuring that riders do not miss the chance to experience the tough terrain. Sitting on a 200-acre park, it is also used for other activities such as camping and family outings.

Northwest OHV Park

The 300-acre park has 25 miles worth of dirt bike trails. Unlike most dirt bike trails in Texas, it offers pointers that guide the rider on the different levels of difficulty present in the trails. These levels are determined by the terrains present. These trails include rocks and steep rocky hills. The trails are open only on Saturday and Sunday from morning till sunset.

Underground MX Park

The park sits on 70 acres of land and has a number of features. It has a motor cross track and a night track. It is one of the few dirt trails that provide night tracks thus enabling dirt bike activities even after dusk. This dirt trail is a great place for beginner riders since it offers professional training thus improving the skills of a rider. Moreover, in order to keep dirt bike riders coming, the trails are regularly updated to ensure they fit the experience the riders are looking for.

Village Creek MX

The 4 miles offered here are like no other. These trails are lighted during the night making it possible to participate in dirt bike races even during the night. Nevertheless, this is only possible on three days a week. The forests in this area vary in thickness with thick forestation reducing the width of the dirt bike trails to 2 feet or less whereas normally, the width is 4-6 feet. This, coupled with the terrain of the trails, adds to the difficulty level of the dirt bike trails.

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