7 Best Dirt Motor Bike Trails in California

1. Ocotillo Wells

Ocotillo Wells has an elevation of approximately 163 feet, and besides being a preferred biking destination, it was also on the past as a filming site for movies such as Sahara. During that time, the destination boomed for tourists who were seeking adventures. To date, the site covers a little over 85,000 acres making it among the best dirt bike trails California offers to its residents and visitors. Bikers have the chance of enjoying attractions that are off the man road such as blow sand hill which is formed by the sandstorms that sweep across the area.

2. Ransburg

The Ransburg biking trail arose from the remains of the mine that was developed during the extraction of gold in 1895 in the region. The trail rises to around 3500 feet and offers quite an extensive area for bikers to explore. Thousands of bikers flood the streets of Ransburg especially during the holidays to get a chance to experience open desert riding as well as observe the small town’s historic structures.

3. Pioneertown

The Pioneertown, California biking trail is more famous among beginners and rises to an elevation of 400 feet. Situated off Route 62 in Yucca Valley, this site initially kicked off a film picture set but was later transformed to a tourist stop after the films stopped hitting the market. Nowadays, the site provides an ideal place to have a bite in the course of off-roading expeditions. The trails link the Big Bear Mountains thus making them perfect start experience for bikers. With the beautiful scenery and then flat rides, this is an ideal bike trail.

4. Miller Canyon

Miller Canyon is a biking trail that accommodates both beginners and expert bikers. From the trails, you can enjoy the attractive site of Lake Silverwood, the other aspect that makes this particular trail unique and famous among bikers is the fact that it is run by San Bernadino ranger unit that ensures pit toilets, market trails and staging areas in the whole course. Miller Canyon is full of bikers in the summer months as a result of the occasional snowfall in the winter season and the summer heat that makes biking rather unbearable.

5. Johnson Valley

The Johnson Valley trail is a bit different from the other biking trails in California. It is the desert racing capital for the United States of America. This destination floods with visitors every weekend, something that is attributed to the available styles of the trail as well as the enormous space. There are lakebeds where children and beginners can train on while the more advanced riders get to enjoy the technical hill climbs.

6. Mammoth

Mammoth is possible the one biking trail that goes up to 7880 feet. This alone places it top of the list of the best dirt bike trails California residents, and visitors get a chance to enjoy. It has trails for both beginners and advanced bikers. As opposed to the beliefs of most people, Mammoth Mountain is quite an attractive place to visit in the summer, although it is unpleasant in the winter months. During July and August, you can enjoy off-road biking on the vast space in the region.

7. Kennedy Meadows

Kennedy Meadows has an elevation of about 6200 feet and offers ground for both beginners and expert bikers. This trail is mostly recognized as the starting point for most of the famous bikers. It has one of the best river crossings as compared to the other trails that have the same in the course of the biking trails. Additionally, the Kennedy Meadows biking trail is characterized by the vast mileage of trails that are lined with beautiful meadow flowers that make the whole course very attractive and appealing to the bikers. According to most people who have ridden in this trail, they say it is one of the friendliest in the whole of California.

8. Glamis Dunes

The Glamis Dunes rise only up to 335 feet and are ideal especially for beginners but also expert bikers train along the trail. The Dunes have become very famous even for holding family and friends’ parties. Riding is the most common activity that visitors to this part of California take part in. The Dunes do not have market trail lines, meaning that it is free riding space for everyone who is interested. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect place to have a party and ride at the same time, then the Glamis Dunes if the perfect destination.

California is presented as a state that harbors off-highway vehicle activities. Both residents and even visitors from various places gather in the various sites in California to enjoy all season good riding weather. Any off-road enthusiast can find biking trails ranging from the open deserts to the mountains that are around California. The nature of the region is what makes it special and makes people want to be lost in nature.

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