I was Sore after I Crashed my Dirtbike

Peggy must have been the most beautiful woman in our school when I was in the senior year that I almost died for her so to say. Or I was just literally blind to every other girl in the school. But just as I have coveted over Peggy, I wasn’t the only one who wanted her for himself.

Johnny, the captain of our school baseball team, also wanted Peggy, and he wasn’t hiding it at all. He would go out of his way to do things to please her. Well, I can’t say I didn’t do the same just to have her too. And she was enjoying the attention the captain of the baseball team and myself, were giving her.

My name is Drake. I was the captain of the football team of Wingspread High, Allison town. So as it is, two captains seem to be in love with one girl.

Johnny and I were never on bad terms, we even attended the same parties sometimes and shared drinks. We would talk about things like life after high school, college, and mostly women. As the captain of our different sports, women were always seeking for our attention, throwing themselves at us and all. We talk about that too.

Oh, we also talked about sport, the successes in playing at the national level and our passions for our respective sports. Well, for Johnny, the sport was his only means of going to college, so he had to show some passion. That goes for me too, I guess.

The only thing we never talked about was Peggy. We both knew how much we loved her. So we avoided any conversation that involved her. Sometimes it might certainly be awkward, but we didn’t want to fight over some girl, no matter how much we loved her.

That was why it was so surprising when Johnny mentioned her in one of our conversations one day, at a friend’s party.

“Hmmm… Drake, “Johnny’s face had changed at that moment to wear a serious look. “I know how you feel about this girl, Peggy, and you know how I feel about her too.”

I nodded sheepishly, feeling a sense of tranquil which I had’t felt since I knew that Johnny was also in love with Peggy. I guess I felt relieved that we were finally talking about her.

“And she seemed to be enjoying the attention too much,” I pointed out.

“Which was what I was just driving at.” He placed his hand on my shoulder.

“She to be enjoying the attention too much. I don’t know about you, but I think it is starting to feel weird.” He started to trace the tip of his wine glass as he continued. “I think the only thing that can resolve this thing is for one of us to step aside. That I am sure will make the decision easy for her. But since I cannot ask you to stop, and you cannot ask me to….”

“Fair enough,” I interrupted. “What do you propose we do then?”

“I think the only way to determine who dates Peggy is for us to play a game. Winner takes all.”

At that moment I thought it was a great idea. It would resolve the situation once and for all, and we will live happily ever after like in those fairytales. Not knowing the game we were about to play was to my disadvantage.

“So, what game do you suggest we play?” I asked him.

“Why don’t we go for a race, the winner gets the absolute right of becoming the only one wooing Peggy. The loser steps down.”

“Alright, I’m in,” I told him.

We fixed a date for the weekend.

Before we knew it, everyone in school knew about the race, and some of them were also placing bets on us. Some of them will meet me in the hallway and say to me that they had placed their bet on me and I should not let them down.

Peggy came to me a few days to the day we fixed for the race and said she hoped I would win. That got me more determined, but she might have said the same to Johnny. I was right, for the next time I saw her, she was speaking to Johnny. She was enjoying the whole thing.

On the day of the race, I drove to the rendezvous in my dad’s sports car, with the thought that we were going for a car race.

“Nice ride my friend,” Johnny complimented.

“You can bet, Johnny, this car is going to give you a race not to ever forget.”

“Who said anything about car racing my friend? What we are doing is a dirt bike race through the woods,” Johnny said amusingly.

“But nobody told me,” I protested.

“You didn’t ask my friend. That’s why I brought your own bike. Rented just now. You owe me 25 bucks for that. You know you can’t back out now. Everyone would call you a coward.”

I gave it to him, knowing that he had planned all this for me to lose. I blamed myself however for not asking him the type of race we were to run. We went for the race.

People from school were already gathered in the entrance to the woods as we arrived. They hailed and cheered.

Johnny and I got on our dirt bikes and pedaled off as the referee gave a go.

The road was treacherous at this time of the season. But this is a race for the heart, and I was determined to give it my all.

I started well, putting a bit of distance between myself and Johnny who was struggling with the sharp bends and ruts on the route.

I pedaled so hard after the next turn, to keep the distance between me and Johnny, who seemed to be finding his balance now. I jumped a huge hole on the road, and when I landed, I lost control of the bike and the next stone that the front tire of my bike hit didn’t help. I somersaulted and crashed on the ground. But when I checked, I only had a little sore on my hip and left arm. I was OK.

“This one is for you Peggy!” I screamed into the woods as I gathered my bike and started for the finish line. I never knew I was that close.

Johnny had already reached the finish line.

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