I was in a Dirt Bike Jumping Competition

Taking a dirt bike riding class after school hours was a great experience for me. I started the class after my brother who was a biker went to college. He was going pro before he had the accident that shook him so bad he couldn’t stand for a long time without shaking or even trembling. He quit biking and focused on his studies instead.

When he came home last summer, he encouraged me to follow my heart. If I had a passion for motorsport, then I should go for it. He also told me that what he was not able to achieve, I could achieve them.

It took me quite a while before I started mastering bike jumping. I had always been impressed by people who were able to do a lot of jumping skills with their bikes, and I wanted to do the same.

Things started to change when I won a race that didn’t require jumping too many obstacles. As a matter of fact, it was almost a pure race for beginners. I had used the proceeds from the race to get my own dirt bike. Then I started practicing my jumps.

The news that I won the beginners race must have reached a lot of people because I had more friends in school and had more attention from the ladies that I had ever had.

I got invited to parties attended by the big guys and the cool kids in school. I had never had the privilege of attending such parties. It was in one of such parties that I first met Kate. Although I knew her from a distance back at school, it was in the party that we had first had a conversation. Actually, she was the first to speak to me.

“I heard you won the beginners challenge,” she said.

I didn’t notice her walking to where I was at the bar. I wasn’t much of a dancer, so I was just watching everyone else dancing.

“I always knew there was something about you that others don’t see.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She was one of the most popular girls in school, and people like me don’t talk to people like her. People in her crowd rarely notice people like me. I didn’t know what to say. She must have noticed my uneasiness.

“Are you not Dan’s brother?”

I nodded.

“He’s such a good biker, a shame what happened to him.”

For a minute I almost believed she was really sorry, but something told me that she was cynical.

“They never got that driver, did they?”

A guy I knew from the motorsport arena came to where we were standing and called Kate.

“Babe, what are you doing with this small man?” He looked at me with contempt written all over his face.

“Just having a chit-chat with him. Did you know he’s now stepping into his brother’s shoe, Brad? I guess they never learn.”

“Shut up and let’s go before you start saying shit you don’t know.” He dragged her off.

But she had said just enough to get me curious.

I had always suspected a foul play. Something about the accident did not seem right.

The car had come from behind to knock my brother off his bike while waiting for the light to change, and the driver had sped off afterward.

Kate could have information about this incident, I thought to myself. I never knew she was so mean.

I made up my mind that I was going to find out what happened that day that my brother had had the accident.

I asked around at the party what they knew about the guy with Kate, but I didn’t get much information, except he was a good bike jumper. I wondered if he ever competed against my brother before the accident.

Dan had won all the silverware there was in obstacle jumping and freestyling. Was it possible that the other guy had caused my brother’s accident?

I had no evidence, but Kate’s words carried a lot of weight.

That got me determined to get as close as I could to these people. And that could only be possible if I made it through all the Amateur Championship and started challenging the pros.

So I started working hard to make this happen. Sometimes I would go home later than every other person and still wake up very early for training.

Bike jumping doesn’t require much force. It requires stability and mastering of techniques. And I was getting them all right. But I needed to test my ability in the real scene, where spectators have the tendency to shout and distract competitors.

My coach had certified me so I could enter for real bike jump competition and freestyles.

On the day of the competition I saw the two, Kate and her boyfriend, Brad, amidst the spectators, and that got me more determined to win the game. I eventually won the game.

During the course of the jump, Brad tried to hurt me when he saw that I was getting close to beating him, but I protected myself. That also proved my conviction about him.

I had reported my suspicion to the police, but they wouldn’t buy it because I had no evidence. So I decided to take him up on myself.

One day, I had just won the last competition that would move me to the stage where I could compete against him. He came to the locker room and threatened me once more. That was when I accused him of hurting my brother, and he didn’t deny it. So I challenged him to a dirt bike jumping duel.

“I guess you want to go down like your brother,” he said cynically

“We shall see who goes down.”

We made the announcement. People thought I was crazy.

So we got ready. On the very day, I could see fear on his face. The competition required us jumping over big logs of wood over a distance of a mile.

The gun went off, and we began the race. My training came to the fore, and I jumped over all the logs except for the very last one. Brad and I got wounded.

My right arm was broken, but I survived.

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